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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

We live in a world filled with beliefs
that are made real by our offerings of them
to this. Lets heal our beliefs together.

Inner Child Healing

What is Inner Child?

We have to learn things as we grow up. It is time for you to reconnect with your inner child if you want to keep learning and growing joyfully to thrive in the fast-changing world. Reconnecting with a child-like learner might also require facing some more emotions. Escapes, we act on our experiences, feelings, thoughts, and dreams through the plane. Our creativity becomes the basis of how we prepare for the world.  As we start growing, we begin developing expectations of the world, and sometimes their expectations fail us.

Our expectations and thought processes generally lead to trauma. But the inner child work with an approach to recognize and heal childhood drama. We will help you identify the behaviours that stem from your childhood. Our inner child work focuses on addressing the unmet needs by re-parenting. We can tap into the part of ourselves when we start inner child healing and acknowledge our emotions that are unhealed as they are untouched and unexplored. 

Benefits of Inner Child Healing with us:

  • Understanding how the past trauma has affected your present behaviour.
  • Connecting to dreams, passions, and talents that you might have put aside.
  • Better emotional regulation. Developing healthy mechanisms
  • Better self-esteem and self-compassion.

Do you have Signs of a Wounded Inner Child?

  • Do you feel like throwing tantrums like a child?
  • Do you feel Frustration in you most of the time?
  • Do you feel Difficulty expressing your fears?
  • Do you refrain from acknowledging your fears?
  • At times do you feel Low self-esteem?
  • Do you have Fear of abandonment by your loved ones?
  • Do you have Self-sabotaging patterns in life?
  • Do you face Challenges with setting boundaries for yourself?

How will Inner Child Healing help you?

  1. Master Sanskritii Sethi can help you with your inner child healing. This beautiful healing can help you withdraw your attention from suffering to possibilities.
  2. It is done through extremely valuable wisdom gifted to Master Sanskritii by her ancestors in light. This healing also includes Scanning the auric field, past life analysis, Soul DNA behaviour and much more that helps understand the exact cause of inner child wounds.
  3. We will help you draw connections between your childhood experiences and how they subtly guide your adult behaviour. To understand you better, we courage you to share specific memories, internal family systems, and the triggers affecting you.
  4. Inner work, especially child work, will help you bring more creativity to life. Your inner child is holding on to those hurts to keep you safe. Still, when you feel free of fear and self-consciousness, you not just become more innovative but also more resilient because you begin to trust the ability to overcome things, and that's what adulting is all about.

How does Inner Child Healing work? What is the procedure?

  • Session 1 is about understanding your life patterns and family dynamics. There will be a detailed zoom session with Master Sanskritii for 30 mins.
  • Healings for the next 7 days are offered remotely using different modalities infused to work on inner child healing.
  • Session 2 is about understanding the following things:
    1. This session helps you understand insights into healing.
    2. You will get an understanding of your inner child trauma. 
    3. What things do you need to do to uphold healing conditions and function smoothly?
    4. Recommendation of Talisman to protect your inner child.

    Remember each healing takes time to adjust to your soul journey. You need to work on personal transformation as a human as guided by Master Sanskritii Sethi to improve things and patterns with time.