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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

Your blockages start resolving first from your
mind and then to your spiritual layers.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are infinite in our human body and around it. But there are seven main chakras in our physical body, which operate in our day-to-day life.

These chakras get affected by the emotional and materialistic energy around us. You can protect your chakras by learning the process of grounding. But don't forget that everything needs practice. When you do not react but respond, your awareness increases and naturally protects your balance.

What to expect from the Chakra Balancing process?

  • It starts with clearing the stains of trauma, struggle, the emotional wear and tear. For clearance, multiple techniques from the lights are used.
  • Once the clearance completes, the balancing process starts. Trust me, it is not a one-day job. You had hit yourself multiple times and attracted this imbalance.
  • It takes a minimum of 7 days for the complete balance and Maintenance.
  • You can get your chakra healing done as many times as you want. You can take this healing whenever you feel low or if you feel disconnected from things around you.