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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

You live in the mind.
You are the universe in motion.

Oracle Card Reading

We all must have felt inclined toward the cards at some point in our life. Cards are magical messages that give you guidance on a specific question.

We use the Oracle reading technique to guide you on your questions. This reading is for everyone who wants to start from the basics in their life. You can take this reading for instant future questions. You can take this as a monthly reading to choose in a guided way in life. Your present choices, build your future. So indirectly your future is in your hands.

Oracle card reading is a form of divination that involves the use of a deck of Oracle cards. These cards are usually adorned with images and symbols designed to offer guidance, clarity, and insight into a person's life. 

During an oracle card reading, Master Sanskritii Sethi will ask you to focus on a particular question or issue that you would like guidance on. This reading offers you guidance and clarity in the present moment.