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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

Name Numerology Calculator


Name Numerology Calculator

Hello! Our Name Numerology Calculation is the secret to revealing the unknown elements in your name. Have you ever wondered what it means if your name has a hidden significance? Why is it vibrating and what effect may it have on your life? You're in the right place!



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Meaning to your Name Numerology Number

Get meaning to your Name Numerology Number by moving mouse on your Name Numerology Number.

Number 1 is your resolve and self-drive. You are shining or being spotlighted, indicating you possess a lot of energy and are working hard. You are a thinker ahead, a planner, and an organizer. That razor-sharp focus? It implies you can snap at every chance that comes your way. You're built to succeed!

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How Name Numerology Numbers are calculated?

Our Numerology Calculator is much more than a calculator. It is your personalized guide to understanding how your name affects the way you live. And, surprisingly, in just a few clicks, you can reveal the secrets behind your name letter and encode your energy code for uninterrupted success.
Calculator name numerology is a breeze with our user-friendly tool. All you have to do is - Fill in your complete name and see the magic. In a similar vein, our Name Numerology Calculator analyzes the vibrations of each letter of your name and informs you with a detailed analysis of what it means for you. It’s as if you have your numerologist in your pocket.
Numerology entails the study of the mystical relationship that exists between numbers and life incidents. Numerology is the art through which you get a name or number that offers more insight into your traits, relationship, employment, et cetera. This is a very interesting journey along self discovery which may help you discover more about yourself and the world beyond. Therefore, regardless of whether you are interested in the mysterious world of numerology or need advice on your lifetime options, our Name Numerology Calculator can assist you. Get to know your name; unravel its secret, and open a new pathway toward life’s clarity and fulfillment.

Numerological Values of all english alphabets

Destiny Number Alphabets
1 A, I ,J ,Q ,Y
2 B, K, R
3 C, G, L, S
4 D, M, T
5 E, H, N, X
6 U, V, W
7 O, Z
8 F, P