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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

You live in the mind.
You are the universe in motion.

Advance Akashic Record Reading

How Akashic Records Can Help You To Understand Your Life?

  • What images do you conjure up in your mind when you hear the phrase "Akashic Records"? The first thing that came to mind when I heard it was a vast archive of records. Others compare the akashic record readings to a book or a library. Some have likened it to a database.
  • However, the Records themselves claim to be another dimension known as the Akasha. Unlike our realm, the Akasha exists on a higher plane.
  • Yes, that does sound strange. Yet bear with me.
  • The Akasha is a limitless database that keeps all past, present, and future information. If you're familiar with String Theory, think of the akashic records as a database that records events from all parallel universes.
  • The Akashic Records database contains past, present, and future information. They exist outside of time as we know it because they are a dimension above our own. The Akashic Records treat time as 
    a flat circle, making data from the distant past readily available alongside recent events.


How Akashic Records is your reflection and reflect your subconscious information?

  • Akashic Records are a database of information that goes on for years and is a massive library of data. You can think about these records as a mirror reflecting your desires and choices. For example, you can think about an individual in a high number-crunching job which does not align with the soul path, and they feel depleted and unhappy. Accessing the reasons behind that choice will allow them to align with the purpose of their soul and make a choice that brings them into a state of happiness.
  • Psychologically trauma can be passed down through several generations. Learning to understand and unlock the akashic records can help you release all the ancestral karmic debt, and it can help you get freedom. Additionally, it opens the door to universal blessings and grace.
  • If mental and emotional imbalances continue without getting any address if they finally manifest in physical body pains. The akashic records readings help you learn everything about the unchanging core of you as an individual and help you understand your fears and phobias, other energetic blocks and patterns that you carry through your life from childhood till now and even the past life. It will help you understand and identify all the patterns that do not suit you anymore because you are continuing to attract some situations people in your life repeatedly.


How  Advance Akashic Record Reading is different from  Akashic Record Reading Report? 

  1. What are your soul gifts in your present life that you can utilise to ace in life?
  2. How are your past lives responsible for your body pains?
  3. When you took birth on Mother Earth you came from a particular home/class. Advance Akashic Record Reading tells you your house number in the Astral World.
  4. If you have a particular disease or health issue what type of past life traits are you carrying in your present life?
  5. What is your soul age? In which category of the soul do you fall?
  6. What is your Soul colour? What does it tell about you?
  7. What is your soul's purpose in life? Why did you choose it?
  8. Who is your soul family and what you should know about them?
  9. What are the traits of your Soul DNA? Understanding Soul history and core belief of multiple life.
  10. You know how many active Spirit guides you have. How many of them are working in the positive octave? Who are they(if they are ready to reveal)?
  11. What is your Soul Gender, and how does it shape who you are?
  12. Are you working according to your soul plan? If yes then how much?
  13. If you have any, what are your financial blocks from past lives?
  14. If you have any, what are your health blocks from past lives??
  15. Analysis of twin souls or soulmates, if given during prework.
  16. Are there any foreign energies negative or positive working in your auric field?
  17. Answers to your questions. A detailed zoom call for your queries.

Take your reading in 3 steps:

Step 1: Prework is the first step. It helps you tell us about your life journey with a few questions. Without Prework, you will keep thinking about what you should cover, but this technique teaches you to be precise and clear in your thoughts.

Step 2: You get your comprehensive Akashic Record Reading, which gives you insights into your soul journey and answers all the questions that you mentioned in Prework. Go through this detailed report to realize and release. People often say, “now I know why I always felt this.”

Step 3: An exclusive Zoom Session with Master Sanskritii Sethi to ask all your queries, interact and download wisdom into your divine system.

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