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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

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Akashic Record Reading

What are Akashic Records? 

  • Edgar Cayce, known as "the sleeping prophet," spread the idea of Akashic Records through his Soul Readings. People think that the Akashic Records are a collection of records or books about our souls' journeys. Everything from our past lives is written down in these books.
  • These books keep track of every action, thought, and Karma that has ever been thought of or done. These records are held on the Akasha plane. It is also true that they are a part of our Souls.

Why everyone should get their Akashic Record Reading done with us?

  • The Akashic Records are the most crucial evidence you've lived before. So, it's even more essential for us to read them to find out what lessons we still need to learn.
  • Negative blocks like curses, oaths, vows, and contracts are part of our energy from past lives. These bad energies become blocks from a past life. If you recognise and acknowledge them you are already moving ahead.
  • The Akashic Records are the most important proof that you've lived before. So, it's even more essential for us to read them to find out what lessons we still need to learn.

Your Akashic Record Reading Report includes the following information from Akasha:

  1. Who is your soul family and what you should know about them?
  2. What is your soul's purpose in life?
  3. What is the colour of your soul, what does it signify and the history behind it?
  4. Your Universal Energy Center and what do you believe about your soul?
  5. What are the traits of your Soul DNA?
  6. What is the History of your Soul?
  7. What is your Soul Belief system?
  8. If you have any, what are your financial blocks?
  9. What blocks your health, if any?
  10. We scan your aura and look at how your energy is right now.
  11. You know how many active Spirit guides you have.
  12. What is Spirit guiding your life through vibrations?
  13. What is your Soul Gender, and how does it shape who you are?
  14. How does your soul line up with God?
  15. Any curses or spells. Pacts or black magic, if any.
  16. Analysis of twin souls or soulmates, if given.
  17. Answers to your questions.
  18. A detailed zoom call for your queries.

Whether it's Karma from a past life, a soul contract with one's twin flame, or any other cause, many of the challenges we face and the trying times that leave us questioning "Why?" have such origins. Getting an Akashic Records reading is a vast spiritual step forward.

Take your reading in 3 steps:

Step 1: Prework is the first step. It helps you tell us about your life journey with a few questions. Without Prework, you will keep thinking about what you should cover, but this technique teaches you to be precise and clear in your thoughts.

Step 2: You get your comprehensive Akashic Record Reading, which gives you insights into your soul journey and answers all the questions that you mentioned in Prework. Go through this detailed report to realize and release. People often say, “now I know why I always felt this.”

Step 3: An exclusive Zoom Session with Master Sanskritii Sethi to ask all your queries, interact and download wisdom into your divine system.

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Akashic Records reading teaches you how to attain your maximum potential and helps you recover deeply. So what is pulling you back? Move forward and ask the Akashic Records to shower its divine guidance on you. You’ll be inspired to live better life decisions with this soul experience, and you’ll discover and be gifted with endless possibilities for soul growth.