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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

You are spiritual beings having a
human experience. Workshops are bridges to reconnect your soul to the light.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a gift for anyone who is seeking guidance for themselves and their family members. Automatic writing introduces you to the world beyond your logical and conscious mind.

What is Automatic Writing? How does this workshop bring you?

  1. Automatic writing is a simple way to connect with your soul and can be practised by anyone looking for an inward path.
  2. Automatic writing is a modality where messages from spirit guides are received through the medium's hand as it moves across a writing surface.
  3. The words and sentences that emerge usually have no relationship to what the medium was thinking about beforehand or even what they were doing at the time. This technique is also known as psychography.
  4. It's a modality that helps you decode the messages you get from your spirit guides, universe or intuitions. Understand different dimensions of existence.
  5. This course will help you understand your psychic abilities. Connect with Spirit guides to heal your issue. Channel for other souls on Mother Earth and bless them by healing their issues. A tool to protect your family/ friend and loved ones from dark energies and life issues. This modality makes you self-independent.

How Does Automatic Writing Work?

  1. The process of automatic writing is fairly simple: You sit down with a pen in hand and begin to write without thinking about what you're writing.  Instead, just let out whatever comes into your mind.
  2. Here with the guidance of Master Sanskritii Sethi, you will understand everything from making protection circuits to understanding why you wrote a message and how to decode it?
  3. When you start with automatic writing, try asking your guides for help finding a good technique that works for you. This is very nicely explained on the 1st-day of class.
  4. They might suggest something specific or common, whatever works best for you at the moment.
  5. You shouldn't expect significant results right out of the gate. Just enjoy this process as an opportunity to learn more about who you are.
  6. Spirit guides are spiritual beings who provide us with spiritual direction. We have everything you need to meet your spirit guide or find spirit guide meditation.

What Are The Benefits of Automatic Writing?

  1. Getting In Touch With Your Subconscious: Automatic writing is a technique you can use to get in touch with your subconscious mind. It involves writing words without thinking about what you're going to write. It has several benefits for you, like a calming effect on the mind and body, getting spiritual guidance from your higher self, and better inner clarity that allows you to make good decisions.
  2. Helping You Connect With Your Higher Self: In automatic writing, there are no limitations on what we can do. We let our hands move freely on paper or computer screens and allow the words and symbols to flow out. This is because we don't have conscious control over our hands' movements. Our hand moves according to its own will and at its own pace. This helps us connect with our higher self or soul to get answers to questions we may have been wondering about for years but never dared to ask someone else about them.
  3. Finding the Clarity In Ourselves We All Need: Automatic writing also helps us find clarity within ourselves by helping us release negative emotions such as anger, fear or sadness through our hands onto paper or computer screens as they occur during automatic writing sessions regularly over time.

We all understand how important it is to have a supportive community to succeed in our lives. Our relationships with others can help us live better, whether we rely on family, friends, lovers, or teachers. But the connections that strengthen us aren't restricted to the mortal sphere; we may depend on a vast network of high-powered energies known as "spirit guides" for advice, support, and relief.

What will you learn in the Automatic Writing workshop?

  1. Before the workshop, there are 7 days of intense Prework that prepare your mind, body and soul for the day of the workshop.
  2. What are psychic abilities? What are your psychic abilities? How to work on them?
  3. What is a Soul? Understand the journey of the soul.
  4. What is Automatic Writing? Learn about different types of Automatic Writing across the world.
  5. This workshop helps you understand different dimensions and their relevance in your life.
  6. Who are Spirit guides? How can we feel them and understand their wisdom?
  7. Do spirit guides come to us on their own? Do we have to call them? How do we know that they are here with us?
  8. Open your third eye in a guided way through beautiful Prework cleansing.
  9. Develop intuitions and understand the process of belief.
  10. Experience written communication with guides and angels.
  11. Learn to heal your shadow and understand closures.
  12. Note, You can do Automatic Writing for yourself and others after this workshop.
  13. You will learn healing with Automatic Writing, where we will introduce you to 12 Masters of energy which will help you in the process of healing.
  14. Note, You can do healings with Automatic Writing for yourself and others after this workshop.
  15. Automatic Writing serves all the living beings on Mother Earth as a tool for clear guidance.
  16. Certificate: Practitioner of Automatic Writing

How can Automatic Writing help you?

  1. You can identify what is your soul's purpose in this life.
  2. You tap Into the Mystic power of a subconscious mind.
  3. You can get answers to your day-to-day question.
  4. If you are struggling, you can find the directions through spirit guides' guidance.
  5. It helps you raise your vibration and frequency.
  6. It helps you move forward in your spiritual growth and allows you to get aligned with the universal laws to understand key areas in your life.
  7. It gives deep support and strength in life. It helps you understand why you are struggling in life.
  8. Invite and Have clarity in life. Get the opportunity to take guided decisions.

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