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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

You live in the mind.
You are the universe in motion.

Mediumship Live Reading

The Earth's journey is short, but we exist for thousands of years as a soul.

When our loved ones pass away, it is a painful experience because we are still in this human body, operating with human emotions. This reading helps you connect with your loved ones in light. Our Master Sanskritii Sethi is a born Medium, and she does astral travelling where she can talk to the spirits and connect them with you for the very last time. Trained or natural mediums are the bridge between the two worlds and can channel information which guides us with messages from the other worlds.

If someone has passed away, they are either liberated or stuck in life between life. It’s a two-way communication where your messages reach them and their messages reach you. Master Sanskritii Sethi has connected innumerable people to their loved ones during their tough times. It can be understood in detail in the live channelling during the Zoom Session.

Why you should book a Mediumship Reading?

This reading is for every human being on Earth because each and every one of us has lost someone or the other once in our life. Death is a form of separation when it comes to human emotional vibration. We may loose our loved ones suddenly and not have proper closure which can lead to unacknowledged wounds in our soul auric field damaging our soul, health, money, and relationships in life. We wonder why are we facing certain issues it can be a lack of closure which remains in the subconscious and damage our conscious mind. Acknowledging our ancestors and passed loved ones is important.

What kind of questions can you ask during this Mediumship Live Reading?

  1. Where is my departed loved one? Is she/he still wondering on Earth?
  2. Is she/he fine and happy or looking for some help in their after-death journey?
  3. Has he/she taken rebirth or still in the process?
  4. Is there anything I can do for him/her as a family?
  5. Does he/she want to say anything to me or any of the family members?
  6. Why is he/she visiting me in my dreams? Any message?

What is the process of taking this session?

  1. Book your session so that team can connect with you.
  2. Please send basic details of the soul you want to connect with to our team when they connect with you.
  3. Before you come for the session make sure you are not on any alcohol, or drug(except permissible by the doctor). Do not come with a lot of expectation or magic like Bollywood films because, in reality, the spirit communication is a different experience.
  4. You must only book this service if you have full faith in the process.
  5. The team will send you available slots and dates, you can also send your preference. In case, availability is there the same time slot will be allocated.
  6. You will be allotted a 45 mins session over zoom with Master Sanskritii Sethi.

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