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August 04, 2022

A Complete Guide To Mediumship By Sanskritii Sethi

Have you heard about the terms' Medium' and 'Mediumship'? No worries at all! We are here to help you out with the same. There are some who might be familiar with the terms, and on the other hand, there are many who are not aware of these terms. Let us read through the post by Soul Revolutiion Sanskritii Sethi to understand.

An Idea About Medium and Mediumship

Speaking in terms of spiritualism, a Medium refers to a person who has a special psychic ability to create phenomena of physical or mental nature by "channeling" or communicating with any spiritual entity. The person is also referred to as mediumship psychic.

Mediumship refers to the cooperative communication between a human being and a discarnate, spirit personality, usually during a séance. Information might be achieved, paranormal activities might take place, energies might be channeled, or the spirit might manifest itself materially.

Mediumship is categorized into two forms that are physical mediumship and mental mediumship. There is another well-known mediumship type referred to as trance mediumship which is usually taken under the category of physical mediumship.

A Brief on the History of Mediumship

There is a lot in history where human beings have attempted to connect with spirit guides. Witch doctors and shamans have traditionally been known to connect with spirits. In ancient Greece, the oracles were very often consulted for advice in this regard. Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish scientist in 18th century Europe, sparked a lot of controversy and accusations of heresy at the time when he rejected orthodox theology in favor of his own visions. Emanuel Swedenborg was of the viewpoint that spirits could help people actively, and mediumship was the proof of the existence of life after death.

He happened to be a respected scientist and inventor. However, at the age of 56, he entered into a spiritual phase where he experienced visions and dreams. This, in turn, culminated in a spiritual awakening in him, and he claimed that he could talk freely with demons, angels, as well as other spirits in the life after death. Mediumship was not that popular until the Spiritualist Movement in the 19th century. Modern spiritualism came into existence in 1848 with the experiences of the Fox sisters when the two young sisters claimed to have connected with the spirit of a murdered peddler in their home in New York. The Fox sisters used to hold séances on a regular basis, and they became popular for connecting to spirits. The popularity spread at a great pace across the US and parts of Europe.

From the middle 1800s till the middle of 1900s, séances and mediums gained a lot of popularity among the common people. Some eminent personalities such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Daniel Dunglas Home, Andrew Jackson Davis, and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky played a significant role in giving a sense of authenticity to spiritualism. The popularity of spiritualism was at its peak, which was clear from the Séances being held at royal palaces, the White House, and at the residences of some highly respectable citizens. Mediums were almost present everywhere across the US and parts of Europe at that time.

With the growth of the popularity of spiritualism, different organizations were formed to investigate psychic phenomena such as channeling. In 1882, The Society for Psychical Research was founded to investigate paranormal phenomena scientifically and in an unbiased manner. The focus of the newly formed society was to investigate the phenomena connected with telepathy and apparitions in the hope of finding scientific explanations for different spiritualistic occurrences.

Types of Mediumship

Spiritual mediumship is categorized into two major types with subcategories under them that are discussed below.

Physical mediumship

Physical mediumship is apparent to all those around the medium. It involves the manipulation of physical energies and systems. It can also involve automatic writing, levitation, the moving of objects, and ectoplasmic activities. Physical mediumship happens to be a crucial part of the Spiritualist Movement in the 18th century, where manipulation of objects, materializations, and table rapping was common during séances. Mediums would very often channel a spirit, thereby permitting the spirit to control their body for communicating to the living. It is basically a process different than possession, where the control by a spirit is involuntary and usually unwelcome. The types of physical mediumship are listed below.


Raps are also referred to as percussion and were one of the first as well as the most common types of physical mediumship, which started with the Fox Sisters. Raps could be heard coming from anywhere in the room. They used to answer questions in yes or no form or acknowledge the alphabet and spell out messages laboriously.


Séances are many times accompanied by the materialization of the hands, faces, or the entire bodies of the spirits.

Automatic Writing

The mediums usually hold a pencil or pen at the time of using automatic writing for communication with spirits and, without conscious control, allow the spirit to communicate via their hand.


Ectoplasm refers to a substance taken from the body of the medium, which is then mixed with an etheric substance, thereby enabling a spirit to affect physical matter. Ectoplasm usually happens to be sensitive to light. It is precisely the reason why the séances were usually held in low light or total darkness for better observation of ectoplasmic manifestations.


Levitation means the movement of objects without normal means of support. It is said to occur as a result of telekinesis or via ectoplasm. Inanimate objects are usually considered to be the most common subjects of levitation, but mediums have also been known to levitate.

Mental mediumship

Mental mediumship refers to the communication from a spirit that takes place within the consciousness of the medium. However, it is done without the use of any of the five physical senses. It is because mental mediumship is done through telepathy and is hence also referred to as telepathic mediumship. The mediums here then relate what they hear, see, or feel to the recipient, and they might make use of different states of trance for the purpose of obtaining this information. The types of mental mediumship are listed below.

Clairvoyant or Clear Vision

The mediums can see with their mind different colors, objects, symbols, people, spirits, or scenes but are not visible to the naked eye. These usually flash into the mind of the mediums.

Clairsentience or Clear Feeling

Here the mediums can perceive information by emphatic feelings as well as emotions from spirit.

Clairempathy or Clear Emotion

The mediums can feel or sense the attitude or emotions of another person within themselves.

Clairaudient Clear Hearing

The mediums can perceive sounds or words from various broadcasting sources from a spiritual realm.

Clairscent or Clear Smelling

The mediums can smell an odor or fragrance coming from the spirit.

Clairgustance or Clear Tasting

The mediums can discern the essence of a substance via taste from spirit.

Clairtangency or Clear Touching

The mediums can perceive information regarding an article, its owner or its history by holding an object or by touching something or someone, which is referred to as psychometry.

Understanding Mediumship Reading

Mediumship reading refers to the process of mediums connecting with spirits and communicating with them by exchanging messages. The process usually begins with the medium explaining their work and letting people know what they can expect during the entire session. Mediumship reading can only be done by expert mediums who have professional experience in this field. The reading session can be in a private setting or a group session as per the need. Mediumship healing happens to be one of the major benefits of the process. Here one can connect with the spirits of close ones who have passed away.

What Do You Get from Mediumship Reading?

Our journey on earth is quite short, but we tend to exist for thousands of years as a soul. The death of our close ones is indeed a painful experience because we still tend to be in that human body operating with our emotions. Mediumship reading can help us connect with our loved ones and hence induce mediumship healing. Here is what you can get to know from mediumship reading.

  • Where is the spirit?
  • Is the spirit happy and fine?
  • Has the spirit taken a rebirth?
  • Can anything be done for the spirit?
  • Does the spirit want to convey any message?
  • Does the spirit miss the person?
  • Why the spirit comes in dreams?
  • What can be done for the spirit?

Getting all these questions answered by the medium via mediumship reading plays a significant role in mediumship healing.

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