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Master Sanskritii Sethi is a world-renowned psychic. She has expertise in Akashic Records, talking to the spirits, Automatic Writing and studying the deep magic of numbers.

You are spiritual beings having a
human experience. Workshops are bridges to reconnect your soul to the light.


What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is an age-old technique used to connect to all the souls that have crossed over and have completed their human life journey. They can be our friends, ancestors, loved ones or anyone around us. It’s a safe and secure way to connect to the departed souls. 

In the Mediumship workshop, we teach different modes through which you can connect to the departed Souls. You can choose which method suits you the most and align yourself fully in divine order with complete surrender, as it’s a blessing to be a medium for the lineage and the Universe.

Being a Medium, you share your light with the world and release spirits back to their divine home. It’s adding your contribution to the world to lighten Universal consciousness and move towards stability.

You can feel a few of these traits if you are A Medium.

  1. You are interested in paranormal sciences.
  2. You are afraid of the dark for an unknown reason.
  3. You recall seeing the spirits of deceased family members.
  4. You can feel someone whispering your name even when no one is around.
  5. You walk into a room and feel heaviness, pressure, and hot and cold sensations.
  6. You feel strongly connected with people who passed away.
  7. You feel sudden waves of emotions-sadness, fear, happiness, and anxiety that are not your own.
  8. Do you know things about people you don't know how? But you know it. It's no less than a miracle.

What does the workshop cover?

  1. What is Mediumship? Detailed understanding of the subject.
  2. What are Psychic Abilities? How can you enhance them to get on the path of alignment?
  3. There are different types of Mediumship. You will learn different ways to connect to the astral world.
  4. Who is a Medium? Detailed understanding of different types of Medium?
  5. Understand, the Journey of the soul before rebirth.
  6. Understand, the Journey of the soul after death.
  7. What are the different planes of the Astral World? Deep dive into the wisdom of the Astral World.
  8. What are the different types of Spirits? Learning traits of the different spirits.
  9. You will learn to connect to your loved ones and your ancestors.
  10. Getting an answer to how much have you grown spiritually?
  11. In the workshop, you will learn why Aura protection is important.
  12. In the workshop, you will learn Self-Healing-Mediumship.
  13. Learn the process of Mediumship Reading. How to offer readings and do analyses.
  14. DNA Activation of your Soul through live channelling meditation.
  15. Complete Mediumship Reading for 1 Soul in your ancestor's lineage.
  16. Understanding Master of Soul Revolutiion of Sanskritii.
  17. Understanding 60 Masters Blessings. A mediumship deck by Master Sanskritii Sethi.
  18. Certificate: Practitioner of Mediumship.