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birth cycle of soul July 05, 2022

Birth Cycle of Soul

From Where the Birth Cycle of the soul started?

The journey of the soul began with the creation of the universe. A lot many research and Scientist have exposed many laws which govern nature itself. The more they learn about nature’s ambiguities, the more they prodigy at the excellence of the universe.

Many now declare that the universe cannot be random, but must have some higher power plan.

Nature has a perfect balance. Our world and the whole environment have an interdependent system. 

The flawless stability of nature, which has sustained life on our planet for billions of years, is vulnerable by the very technology that has distorted the modern world. Every day the media report new hazards to the environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we originate in our food are all increasingly polluted.

The very atmosphere protective of the earth is vanishing. The anxiety for our planet’s ecosystem is not partial to any one country or part of the world. We aspect a universal problem.

What has developed the worries of the world?

Distress for the ecology has developed into one of the main worries of the world. There are many other ways to understand the word ecology. Saints and spiritualists mention our home or living place as the physical body made by God himself.

Where the soul is in dwell?

The soul is the dweller of this house(body). This is our responsibility to maintain and preserve the soul’s purity and beauty told by the scriptures. Inappropriately, we have mainly unnoticed our spiritual side and have sacrificed its purity for the sake of the transient world. We have to learn about it and how to re-establish nature and ourselves to its unique beauty. And we have to undergo various custom methods to preserve the purity of the spiritual.

As many others have natural cycles like the water cycle, plant cycle, etc., the soul’s process begins with the universe's creation. It has been in motion ever since. There are many ways to recognize your birth soul as the soul is a spark of the creative principle, and it is the vital force within us.

Till what time the soul is alive?

The body is alive until the soul lives in the body. During the time of physical death, the soul leaves the body for good. The birth cycle of the soul began when God created the universe, and he detached souls from himself to live in the world. It's living the numerous planes of creation for eras, taking up house in one life form.

The soul returns to inhabit another when the life of one body ends of forms ends in the same way as a plant dies during the winter and renews in the spring, so does the soul migrate, and it begins another life once life is over in the new form. The soul never dies as it is the spark of the immortal God that never dies and moves one life to another.