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connecting with your spirit guides September 20, 2022

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides: Types Of Spirit Guides And How To Communicate With Them?

This is true that the journey of Earth is short, but a human goes on to live for a thousand years or more as a soul. Connecting with the gone souls is something which can happen spiritually. Master Sanskritii Sethi is a pro when it comes to mediumship reading. Over the years through her expertise, she has managed to connect multiple people to their loved ones.

We are a part of the universe, and the universe loves us. This is why it keeps sending us signs and signals throughout the day and our lives to guide us and save us from all wrong. Spirit guides are the messengers of the universe who guide us through life. 

Have you ever experienced spirit guides before?

Now there may be some people who are skeptical about it, but the truth is that whether you are a believer or not- there are spirit guides for you who try to communicate with you. If you have never felt this way, it is only probably because you are not open to connecting with them and with the help of mediumship reading the whole process can become easier.

How spirit guides can influence your life?

Spirit guides communicate directly with your eyes and clarify the happenings around your life.

If you want greater clarity about life and to make better decisions with your intuition and far-sightedness, connecting with spirit guides will make your life much more elevated than it is now!

One of the major purposes that spirit guides serve is that they protect you from harm and danger.
The spirit guide is not always necessary to have a message for the person you are communicating with. 

Can spirit guides communicate even if a person is not receptive to them?

The main purpose of spirit guides is to prevent something bad from happening or direct you towards a better situation.

Sometimes you can also act as a channel or medium to convey the spirit guide's message to someone else.

Similarly, if you are not receptive to the messages of the spirit guide, the spirit guide will send your message through someone else.

Types of spirit guides and their role in our lives:

According to spirituality, there are 6 types of spirit guides or angels that help us live better and safer lives.
The Archangel- You can sense the presence of Archangels if you feel a strong energy shift in the room. They are the most powerful of the angels and are leaders of the spiritual world.

Guardian Angels- Guardian angels are angels who act as a guardian to you alone. One person may have more than one guardian angel, and they serve the journal purpose of protection and guidance. You can call upon them to help you whenever you are in need.

Spirit Animals- Spirit animals are very close to you and have changed form into spirits. It may be a pet that passed away and is still around to protect you or an animal with which you feel deeply connected.

Ascended Masters- Ascended Masters are those masters of spirituality who have changed form or taken a rebirth for a purpose. The renewal may not necessarily be in human form or as any tangible energy, but they exist in the world to exercise their positive influence.

Departed humans- These spirit guides are the easiest to connect with if they are the spirit departed loved ones. You can send their presence as familiar energy near you. 

Helper angels- Helper angels are those angels' free spirits and always help those humans who may be in need. They help us deal with small inconveniences in life on a mental, physical or spiritual level.

Feeling disconnected? Here is how you can communicate with your spirit guides better:

Be mindful of your surroundings-spirit - Guides are very subtle and signals that can be perceived only if you are mindful of your surroundings and of the things that people say to you.

Make light of the signs- sometimes, a spiritual message may be right in front of you, but it may not be in the form of a clear message. You should possess some insight so that you can relate the message to your present situation and make sense of it.

Start a spirit guide journal- once you start noticing patterns, try to keep a journal of it to track your progress and become more spiritually enlightened with every experience. This also helps you to decode those spirit messages that you think may be confusing for you

Keep your conscience clear- the clearer your conscience is, the more you will be able to perceive the messages better, and the more receptive you will be to the messages sent to you by spiritual guides

Connect with the mediumship reader- mediumship reading is when a mediator or an interpreter helps you connect with your spirit guides in a better way. By looking for mediumship reading near me, you can get connected with a mediator and solve your problems. 

There are a lot of such instances where spirits have guided people, but they dismiss it as mere coincidence or a matter of chance. Start perceiving all these messages as guided, directed messages towards you instead of random happenings. You will be able to see a pattern and be able to develop the divine powers of intuition and foresightedness.

Does your religion have spiritual guides?

Spiritual guides are not restricted to any religion. Religion and spirituality, though similar in many terms, are different things. This is why you can be, and spiritual angels always guide you. All you have to do is, have faith in them, be grateful for them, and try to perceive all the signs you see around you to live a better life.