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what-are-the-best-ways-to-access-akashic-records October 28, 2022

What Are The Best Ways To Access Akashic Records?

The Akashic Record is derived from the Sanskrit word akasha, which means sky or atmosphere. One thing that goes without saying is Akashic Records exist on the mental plane, and there is no physical plane of existence here. In simple terms, these records can be termed a Google search for the soul. You can connect with a person's soul when you read akashic record readings of yourself or any other person. It is the one that is intensely private and personal, and it also spans the lifetime of a specific soul.

Tips For Reading Akashic Records Readings

When working with the Akashic Records, you are most likely looking at the situation, place, or a specific soul through the bird's eye view. It is like your own library, where all the individual books are divided into particular lifetimes. Whenever you open any records, you see the colorful visuals and the movie close. You might hear the sounds or music. You should always check for sounds in music that symbolize larger or metaphors for the concepts which might reflect something to understand completely.

How Can You Access The Akashic Records?

Start grounding yourself

You must first connect with the healing energy or the light before you go on and say the pathway prayer loudly. You might want to call Archangel Michael to remove all the doubts that you are holding onto.

Experts recommended imagining yourself surrounded by the white light, which slowly trickles from the base of your feet and goes up to the crown of your head. It looks like a white egg which is surrounded and protects you. You might want to do a 5-minute meditation or some breathwork to release any stress or fear before entering the reading.

Say The Opening Prayer Loudly

The Akashic Records can be accessed in different ways, and there are several prayers out there through which you can access the documents. You can use the one which connects and resonates deeply with you and your thoughts.

You should be your teacher and guide. You do not need to get any certificate or book reading from someone to open or access to get your Akashic Records. The tool which is open and accessible to everyone is the Akashic Records. You can choose the pathway prayer by Linda Howe. Not just this prayer, but you can also find any prayer which resonates with you.

Ask For Some Information That You Are Looking For

Accessing the Akashic Records is not as challenging as you think because it is just like a Google search for your soul. After reciting this prayer, you are in. It's just simple as that. You must ground yourself in the energy you are receiving and connect with it.

When you are ready, you can ask the questions out loud. You have to think of looking for the Akashic Records as if you are doing some Google search for the soul. You have to check what you want to know about what guidance you need in life. You can feel free to ask any question that you are stressed about. You can get clarity and answers on the illness or disease you need healing for. You have to ask about the past lives, the people, and the soul contracts you have had in this life. You can ask what creative project you need next sky is the only limit, and you can go as deep as you would like.

You Will Receive What Is Important To You Now

When you go for Akashic Records reading India, you will receive what is important to you. The majority of the people in the spirits will community are interested to know about the past life. Past life is extraordinary, no doubt, but they aren’t the purpose or the point of current life.

You might feel the call to some time and ask for the records of information on my possible life at that time, but he only received the information which is essential for you in this life in this body in this particular moment. Akashic Records help you to transform your life.

The Akashic Records will reveal to you what you need to learn at that moment and the time to support you on your journey in the current phase. If you get the information about your life in this life, you can ask more questions about the specifics, but you would not receive anything extra, which is entirely okay. It would be best if you trusted that what you are receiving is what you are meant to have. Sometimes, you are not supposed to have all the answers instantly.

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