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how-does-an-automatic-writing-workshop-help-you-to-reconnect-with-yourself February 25, 2023

How Does An Automatic Writing Workshop Help You To Reconnect With Yourself?

Automatic writing is known as psychography. It is a practice of tapping deep down into a source of wisdom within you outside the conscious awareness. The intuitive writing practice is done in an altered consciousness state. Psychologists and spiritualists have different beliefs about the origin of automatic writing. Some people argue that it is sourced from the unconscious mind, and others claim it originates from a supernatural force like a spirit guide or even angels. 

Why Is Automatic Writing Workshop Beneficial?

As you steadily learn about automatic writing art and craft, you will see how it can transform your life greatly. One primary reason you must join an intuitive automatic writing workshop

⦁ is that automatic writing having a calming effect on your mind and body? 
⦁ it can help you gain direct spiritual guidance from the soul or even higher self.
⦁ After the workshop, you can get better clarity and a bird's eye view understanding.
⦁ Besides having a better ability, you can also make better decisions.
⦁ In short, the workshop helps you heal or balance your third eye chakra and throat chakra.
⦁ There is a better heart connection.
⦁ Your intuitive abilities are sharpened and developed.
⦁ You can feel more supported and deeply in life once you join this workshop. 
⦁ There is a better ability to trust your gut instincts.
⦁ You can understand your path and purpose in this life after completing the workshop.

There are several benefits of automatic writing, and it is a part of the wonderful joy of the practice. You never know precisely how it will help you in the next chapter of your life.

Automatic Writing And Spiritual Awakening Go Hand In Hand

People who have already gone through spiritual awakening naturally coined themselves drawn towards automatic writing. Something about the mystery and magic in this practice makes it humbling, revealing, and healing. These are the qualities that every spiritual seeker looks forward to having. Automatic writing is also a spiritual practice that is as relevant and beneficial as meditation yoga and opens a gateway to the experience of self-realization besides spiritual oneness.

Ways In Which Automatic Writing Workshop Help You Reconnect With Yourself

There are various approaches to automatic writing, but they contain the element of getting into a trance or meditative state. You have to prompt yourself with a question and then write down whatever comes to your mind without stopping.

You can follow these steps to attend the automatic writing workshop and reconnect with yourself. 

Stay sleepy 

You have to get up at least 20 minutes early than you usually do, and while you are still sleepy, you can hold a pen and paper. Refrain from checking any social media or thinking about what you plan to do today. Do have a glass of water if you feel like it. Staying sleepy helps you keep the ego silent. The best part about staying sleepy is that when you are sleeping, you liberate the poetry of your unconscious mind. It means you can have more clarity about what you want to write.

Get in the trace of a meditative state

You can meditate the way you are doing it, usually or not, and then you can put on trance music with your headphones, as Theta waves are helpful. This works when you need to become more familiar with meditation. It will help you turn off the rational thinking of your brain, and it'll also keep distractions away. When the intrusive thoughts are out, you can listen and breathe deeply. It will help you open yourself to whatever might come.

Envision the internal team

Firstly, list whom you might turn to for your advice and compassionate encouragement. For some people, it's their future self, a version of yourself 20 years from now. You can also take advice from your favorite authors and sisters or coaches.

You must close your eyes and envision yourself in these people appearing in turn, looking at you and spending the light and love. The internal team can be somebody real, somebody was just passed away, or somebody who was utterly divine. It is just up to you. If you are still deciding, start with the future self for the first few years from the present time. Your future self has gone through all the challenges so you can ask the older version of you for some advice and compassion.

Ask some questions

You can ask your internal team two to three questions and write down whatever comes up. You can start as if you are addressing yourself. You can ask what I need to know today and what my inner soul or higher self wants me to know. What's my single-minded objective today? When loving some kind messages appear, you can write them down if you see some vision and describe it in your own words. Your ego might have woken up if any unkind messages were appearing.

You can add any questions you like as long as they are open questions that cannot be answered with any yes or no. For example, you can ask questions about your anxiety, creativity, and how to spend a day without stress. You can get messages like you are enough, you are loved, go at your own pace, and you would have also received some apologies from those who have hurt you in the past. You have to write down the messages from somebody in your family who passed away long ago.

Close everything with gratitude

You have to write thank you three times on a given page and thank your guides for their positive energy and insights. Then take a deep breath, turn off your Theta wave music, and open your eyes. Then, later in the day, you must read whatever you've written and try to remind yourself of all the positive energy you have created.



You would be wondering whether you should join an automatic writing workshop, but then you need to know that throughout your day, your mind can go off in billions of directions. You can get stressed and fuss about unimportant things, but you do not have to feel yourself. By using an automatic writing workshop, you can bring your mind back to the present moment, and it's one of the best ways to work through any feelings that would be holding you back from living the life you currently want. It is a safe and non-judgmental place where you would like to explore your deepest thoughts and emotional experiences without having to stress about whether good or bad what anybody else would be thinking about you.