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how-to-channel-your-soul-purpose-with-automatic-writing November 10, 2022

How To Channel Your Soul Purpose With Automatic Writing?

Automatic Writing is one of the safest and most powerful ways to connect with your soul. The writing part itself should never intimate you. The experts offering Automatic Writing Workshop suggest that every person can practice Automatic Writing, whether a beginner or just the one who has begun the spiritual journey and even the seas and travelers who have traveled long on the inward path.

You don't need to be a great writer or even think about spelling mistakes because nothing matters with Automatic Writing. Automatic Writing is entirely intuitive, so the only thing which matters is your heart and the intention which underlies your heart.

Basics of Automatic Writing 

Automatic Writing is also known as psychographics, tapping into the deepest sources of wisdom placed in you outside conscious awareness. It is also known as your soul. Psychologists, besides spiritualists, have different beliefs about the origin of automatic writing. Still, some believe it is sourced from the unconscious mind, and others believe it originates from supernatural forces like spirit guides or angels.

What Are The Benefits of Automatic Writing?

Experts offering Automatic Writing Workshops suggest that when you steadily learn about the art and craft of Automatic Writing, you will understand how deeply it can help change your life.

  • It will help you calm your mind and body.
  • You can get spiritual guidance from your soul.
  • You can get better in our clarity and understanding.
  • You will have a better ability to make good decisions.
  • You can start healing or balance in your throat chakra and 3rd eye chakra.
  • Better heart connection.
  • Intuitive abilities would be sharpened and developed.
  • You can improve the ability to trust your primary gut instinct.
  • There are tremendous benefits of Automatic Writing, and it is a part of great joy that this practice. You never know precisely how it will enrich the next level of your life.
  • You can gradually discover different parts about yourself, and your life has undergone some spiritual alchemy.

Automatic Writing, Besides Spiritual Awakening

Automatic Writing is an entirely spiritual practice, just like relevant and beneficial yoga or meditation which opens the gateway to the experiences of self-realization besides spiritual oneness. Most people who have undergone spiritual awakening will generally find themselves instantly drawn towards Automatic routing. There is something about the magic and mystery inherent in the practice, which makes it humble healing and reveals which qualities are needed by all spiritual seekers.

How Can You Channel Your Soul Through Automatic Writing?

  • Ideally, Automatic Writing, when broken down into simple steps, is straightforward.
  • You have to get a pen or a piece of paper; if you want to go digital, you can also open your word document.
  • You have to think of the question that you want to ask.
  • Have to write down that question to relax your body and mind.
  • Then you have to allow the writing to flow as it comes spontaneously.

But entering the flow is essential for Automatic Writing. It can be challenging without guidance unless you have that natural gift.

You might also find, like others, that the first time you try Automatic Writing, it goes pretty well, but after that, you are struggling. The reason is that whenever you try something new, your mind is empty, and there is no expectation. You can also see it is a beginner's mind. Still, after that, you have an excellent start accumulating mental baggage and expectation, which are most likely to block the process of revelation spontaneously.

Some Tips To Get Going With Automatic Writing


Have some free time for yourself and give yourself the space you deserve

Before you start writing, you need to give yourself as much time as you need to express what it means to be expressed. Time pressure is one of the only things that will enter the flow of things, and the expectation is that it should take some time. Automatic Writing can take just a few minutes or even one hour. You have to create a space where you can relax mentally as possible first top you can benefit by reserving time in the afternoon when you are not disturbed or any time when you can't be interrupted for at least one hour. You deserve the time for yourself. Always remember that.

Automatic Writing is one inner work practice that nourishes your soul. It would be best if you treated the practice as synchronous, possibly that you are worthy of experiencing this. You need to keep the session short for some reason. For example, you can set a timer, so you have to stress about checking the time repeatedly.

Think about the question that you are looking for guidance

The entire purpose of the Automatic Writing workshop is to access guidance from the soul, especially if you struggle to hear regularly. Start your session with a straightforward question and note it in your journal or Word document. You can choose any question that has been pulling at your heart or just eating you up daily. The more emotionally you are charged with a question, the clear your response will be. 

The step is also known as setting the intention; you must address the question to someone or something, especially like your soul spirit guide or even the unconscious mind. You have to keep the questions ready. If you have several questions, you can break them into various writing sessions, making the process very easy for you. You can choose only one question at a time.

Relax your mind

Mindfulness is essential for visualization doing yoga. You must first relax your mind and learn how to do so, which is one of the essential parts of Automatic Writing. Whenever your mind is empty, you can still write quickly and spontaneously. You can start meditating and do some breathwork strategies. If you live in a country that allows you to plant medicines, including marijuana, you can also take that because it is responsible for coming to your mind.

This is all you need to know about Automatic Writing. It would be best if you allowed the information to flow naturally.