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July 05, 2022

What is Aura?

What is Aura exactly? Let’s understand it briefly. Do you know why you feel connected to unknown places and people sometimes?

Have you noticed that sometimes you feel connected with something or some places or with someone? Or sometimes you went to someplace for the first time, and you will wonder if you are feeling some connection with that place or if your instinct is saying that you came there before. Everything is because of Aura

What is Aura mean?

What is aura exactly? Aura is the Energy or vibes. The Energy surrounds us all human or living or non-living beings on earth. You cannot see or touch it, but you can feel it. You can feel the Energy of the other person or something or some places. Now coming to the point, why do you connect with a place? Because of your Energy or Aura connect with that Place’s Aura. Your Spirit is feeling the connection. Maybe you connect with the area in some other Life. That’s why you feel the connection.

When you are selecting your friendly zone, have you think ever why are you choosing some specific friends? Why not others? Because of your Aura. Your Aura connects with these people’s Aura. Are you facing challenges in the workplace? That’s also for Aura. You will see some specific people are so energetic and enthusiastic. And they are the center of attraction for any party or on any occasion, because of their Aura. They are so positive in Inside that their Aura or Energy is attraction others.

So are you also suffering any of the above symptoms?

If you are suffering, then it’s high time to change your Aura. You can change your Aura by doing a few changes in your life or activity. You need positivity inside and outside also. Show and spread positivity. By that time Your Aura will change. And you will see the effect.

How does Aura cleaning help exit lower vibration energy?

The Aura is highly influenced by circumstances and the people with whom you communicate. Because you are sharing energies with the people around you, it is normal for your Auric field to become unstable due to cluttered psychic waste, or even to pick up harmful emotions and energy from others. So you need timely Aura cleaning so that you can get rid of the negative energy.

The following Aura cleaning will help you to exit from lower vibration energy

  • The first one is washing the negative energy
  • After taking a bath, you feel refreshed and clean as you sense that you have cleaned all the dirty elements from your body.
  • Aura cleaning also helps to clean all the obstacles or negative energy from you. So that you feel motivated, attracted, and feel the positivity in your life.
  • Another well-known Aura cleaning method is Meditation, which gives relaxation to your conscious mind and subconscious mind. Meditation helps you to remove negative thoughts from your mind. It heals emotionally and as well as physically also.
  • You can simply inhale or exhale with feeling. When you are inhaling, visualize yourself is taking positive energy from nature. When you exhale, you realize all the negative thoughts from your mind, body, and spirit. And yes, you will feel healed.